Project resources

The ARP seeks to signpost people to existing resources and associations where possible, but we have also created some bespoke guidance targeted at the charity sector.

Georgina Brewis, Angela Ellis Paine, Irene Hardill, Rose Lindsey and Rob Macmillan (2021) ‘Co-curation: Archival interventions and voluntary sector records’, AREA (2021), Available open access for all to read:

Georgina Brewis has written a chapter on ‘Using archives and objects in voluntary action research’ in Researching Voluntary Action – Innovations and Challenges, Edited by Jon Dean and Eddy Hogg (2022,

In June 2017 we published Records Management in Charities: A Toolkit for Improvement in partnership with Charity Finance Group and funded by a UCL Public Policy Grant. It is currently available in the updated format (2019) online or in the original (2017) version as a pdf document to download. We have also created a set of training slides to accompany the toolkit.

We also produced some draft guidance on archiving for voluntary organisations Archiving for Voluntary Organisations – Draft Guidance (March 2017).

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