To date, the project has produced two pieces of guidance aimed at voluntary organisations seeking help with archives and records:

Records Management in Charities: A Toolkit for Improvement (June 2017). In June 2017 we published a new toolkit produced in partnership with Charity Finance Group and funded by a UCL Public Policy Grant. This is currently available as a pdf document to download but will be available as interactive webpages later this summer

Archiving for Voluntary Organisations – Draft Guidance (March 2017).  This guidance is still being amended and updated and we welcome any feedback you have on it. In particular, get in touch if you would think we need to include somehting in our FAQ’s or glossary. Please send your feedback or questions to

We have also prepared a range of other links, documents and case studies to help staff, trustees and volunteers of voluntary organisations manage their archives and records and/or make informed decisions about depositing records in an appropriate repository, such as a local record office, university archive or specialist collection.

We welcome suggestions of other sources of information and advice. See our resources for charities / voluntary organisations below:

Resources for charities / voluntary organisations

As part of our piloting of a database of digitised materials we will also create guidance for voluntary groups on best practice in digitisation. Check back here for updates on this ongoing work.

Resources for researchers